When the Green Energy Act was passed, very few except for the most forward-thinking recognized it for what it was: a pivotal moment in Canadian energy policy, as well as a unique investment opportunity. From the very outset, the Siginik Energy team noted the absence of a distinctly Canadian solar solution and set about engaging the field’s leading minds.

Beginning in February 2009, Siginik partnered with one of Canada's leading renewable energy engineering firms, who in turn pioneered our distinctive elevated solar kit design. We quickly engaged a leading steel manufacturer since, up to that point, no one in Canada was using racking to secure panels. The next crucial step? Reaching out to a solar panel manufacturer, who provided the most efficient crystalline photovoltaic units. Concurrently, on investment side, the team became authorities on the workings of the Ontario Power Authority as well as various government agencies, and gained a comprehensive understanding of the legal and insurance complexities of the renewable energy industry.

The result of all of this research and hard work? Innovative design, secure racking assembled by the best in the business, and the knowledge that Siginik can proudly offer the most economically viable commercial solar installation available for our rugged and varied Canadian climate. And, for our clients, peace of mind – as the Siginik Energy team has the expertise to deliver a full service experience for your rooftop or ground mounted commercial solar installation.

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