Siginik's goal is to partner with your company in providing your energy needs in the most efficient way possible. We offer solar power solutions that are flexible, cost-effective and really simple. That's because Siginik aims to take the guesswork out of solar. We walk you through the process from inception to completion, and allow you to purchase or rent a solar installation that works for your needs. Siginik Energy is Canada's premier full-service commercial solar power solutions provider. We become your strategic partner for consultation, from the initial feasibility studies to financing, hosting and construction, through to solar kit installation and ongoing maintenance. We offer a turnkey experience or individual services. If you have a commercial roof space or available land anywhere in Canada, you might be mere steps away from generating both renewable clean energy and additional income. And, if you're in Ontario, there are even further incentives available to you through the government initiated FIT program.

Let Siginik Energy help you harness the awesome power of the sun.

Who Can Benefit From Our Services?

  • Industrial and Commercial Businesses
  • Construction Companies-Integrated Design and Implementation of Solar Systems
  • Government Facilities ie. Municipalities, School Boards, Hospitals
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Agriculture/Land Owners-Solar Farms
  • Residential Complexes

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