Siginik Energy is a team of leading professionals in the Global Solar Industry. We have a strong knowledge base and unique solutions to help your country meet its Solar needs.

We have mastered the solar engineering in the very harsh Canadian climate and can bring this expertise to your jurisdictions.

We are partnered with well established, internationally respected companies:

  • North American Steel for our racking-They've been around for over 50 years in Canada
  • Hyundai Corporation for our panels-Highly respected panel manufacturers and will guarantee the work
  • Halsall Engineering/PB World-leaders in the renewable energy sector worldwide

They are all part of the "Siginik Team" and an integral and constant part of our planning and design process.

Solar is one of the most affordable and reliable renewable energy sources and is extremely abundant in most regions of the world.

Siginik can help you to harness the solar opportunity in your region. We can offer you a full service experience:

  • We have financing capabilities, we can work with your government officials in structuring a financial solution that would be beneficial to your economy.
  • Hyundai will act as EPC and guarantee all the work.
  • Siginik plans to fully train a local labour force. They will be trained in the installation process and maintenance.
  • This local “green expert” labour force will become a very important asset for your economy.

Things Siginik Needs to Help you achieve your Renewable Energy Goals:

  • Official invitation from the Ministry of Finance and Energy
  • PPA Rate, Fixed or Market
  • Location of Project
  • Full land description with topographical & geotechnical information
  • Full disclosure on the local utility
  • Documentation on the grid integrity

Here's how to get started.

Canadian Solar Map Leasing Program watch how solar engergy panel works