Siginik Energy’s signature rooftop kits are the result of long, hard work, innovation, and state-of-the-art engineering.

Perhaps their most distinctive feature is that they are raised at least a metre above the roof itself. This means that after the kits are installed, the revolutionary racking system allows for easy roof access for throughout the 20-year duration of the contract. Our crystalline PV solar panels are also angled so that precipitation is much less likely to accumulate, which in turn means continuous power generation.

The raised system with angled panels is particularly effective with ‘snow loads’ as much of the snow will melt which results in less downward pressure on the roof through the winter months. Our kits can also be painted so as to conform to overall aesthetic of your building, and add immeasurably to its Green allure.

Other Siginik solar kit design benefits include: solar opportunity bars

And once installed, each solar system is outfitted with a webcam and a full monitoring system which continuously show just how much power is being produced.

All things considered, rooftop solar power generation may be the renewable energy source best suited to our rugged Canadian climate and character – since it works and produces output for 12 months a year.

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